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The Phix is better than the Juul and the Alto, because it has the best variety of flavors and a consistent quality vape; unlike the Alto with the burnt pod problem. The RipStick on the other hand is better than all of the above when it comes to the buzz and throat hit. It has a really unique vaping experience that I absolutely love. In fact, it is the best nicotine experience I've ever had of all the vapes I've ever tried. The NicTech they developed is going to be the next big thing for sure.

Your Driver - YouTube Reviewer - 03/08/2019


In terms of pod systems, I also have a Juul, Novo, and a Kandy Pen, but so far would prefer this one by far. I usually use pod systems at work because of the simplicity and don't want to lug around my mods, tanks, and/or drippers, but with this, I could see myself using it even outside of work. Kudos to the RipStick!

Kevin - Customer - 03/02/2019


Green apple is my favorite flavor so far. It tastes really good. I use the 2.4% and the hit is very good. I used to do 3.5% salt and it’s equivalent. All in all I really like the product.

Pat - Customer - 03/03/2019


Just got in the mail today. Trying the Berry Crunch. I agree on the throat hit. It very consistent every time. I'm vaping the 2.4 nic level and loving it. Ripstick has a new customer.

Steven - Customer - 03/05/2019

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