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No need for buttons, just enjoy
as you take a puff, the front light will illuminate, letting you know that your ripstick is working
The ripstick charges quickly. It also uses a micro usb charger so can be easily charged in your car, at home or off of a laptop's usb port.
It's always a good idea to have a charging cable on you. we also recommend having a backup device so that you are never empty handed.
and lingering odor, with next generation nicotine, delivered by way of a superior vape pod system. Satisfying smokers and vapers alike, the ripstick is ultra-portable with a slim chassis designed to fit any pocket. Simply insert one of our riptide pods to get started, and experience next-level power and flavor. Equipped with a micro-usb charger, the ripstick is easily charged. Our cutting edge, vape pod system technology was designed by vapers for vapers. With an incomparable smoother-than-salt draw, this is the pod device you've been waiting for...