Pairing Vape Juice Flavors with Food

Like how cheeses pair well with wines, our RipTide flavor profiles pair really well with certain foods.  Whether you’re enjoying a home-cooked dinner or munching on snacks, find the best foods to pair with your RipTide pods. These pairings will bring out new elements of flavor, allowing you to savor the profiles of your favorite deliciousness. 

Berry Crunch Meets Your AM

Berry Crunch Vape Pod Food Pairing

RipTide’s Berry Crunch pods are a tasty blend of tart fruit, vanilla granola and creamy milk. Berry Crunch is perfect to enjoy in the AM with pancakes…or waffles…whatever your morning taste style happens to be. It’s sweet and tangy profile pairs well with the carb bombs that are pancakes and waffles.  Some raspberry or blueberry syrup on those waffles will also take it to the next level….trust me. 

Savory Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry Vape Pod Food Pairing

Blue Raspberry is a super sweet, classic mix.  They say opposites attract so try pairing our Blue Raspberry vape pods with something that’s got some salt.  A ribeye with some ghee, salt and pepper on the grill balances the sweetness of the e-liquid.  If you are looking for a vegetarian or vegan option, try vaping Blue Raspberry with some freshly grilled vegetables / veggie kabobs.  Personally, I dig zucchini, bell pepper, onion and mushrooms on a skewer with some olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon. Easy, but tastes anything but easy.  Throw that on the bbq and you’re on a savory vegetable cloud with a sweet silver lining.

Bright Leaf Tobacco Good Morning

Tobacco Vape Juice Food Pairing

Tobacco can be a hard flavor to match because of its deep, earthy taste. While it’s more common to smoke tobacco after a meal, we like to enjoy our Bright Leaf Tobacco vape pods with black coffee in the morning.  You can go keto with some MCT oil or ghee in your coffee and that rich tobacco flavor.  If you’re intermittent fasting, this is a deliciously ketogenic jump start to your day.  

Mint n’ Chocolate…Yuuuuummmm

Mint Vape Juice Food Pairing

Vaping RipTide’s Mint pods go really well with chocolate and can seriously transform your everyday candy bar to an extraordinary treat.  I recommend experimenting with all kinds of chocolate goodies. I’m a bit of a sugar fiend, so I would recommend trying it with a plethora of calorie packed flavor bombs.  Hit our mint with a chocolate milkshake (extra chocolate), chocolate Moose Tracks ice cream, chocolate-covered almonds…all bring you that mint/chocolate combo that will comfort your taste buds.  

Tropical Ocean Delights

Tropical Vape Juice Food Pairing

RipTide’s Tropical vape pods transport you to an island getaway with notes of coconut, peach, and strawberry. This daiquiri-inspired combo goes well with some seafood dishes.  Scallops are my favorite, but tastes great with shrimp, tilapia and crab. This tropical fruit blend also goes really well with salmon and mango salsa….oh yaaaaaaaa.

Keep these combinations next time you’re hosting a dinner party or just snacking away on the couch.  Let us know if these pairings work for you or if you’ve got some ideas for other combos 😉