Life Is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas Vape RipTide

We went to Life is Beautiful Festival in downtown Las Vegas…personally, one of my favorite festivals.  Because it’s called Life is Beautiful, people come with a positive intention, and all of those people putting out that positivity at the same time, makes even more random positivity emerges.  Frui Vita on Frui Vita…

Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite artists that performed at the festival: 

  • Post Malone
    • His new album is amazing.  He sings with such authenticity…great stage presence.  This face-tattooed hitmaker has been topping the charts since “White Iverson.” He’s built a loyal fan base since then with hits like “Sunflower” and “Rockstar.” Posty’s been known to vape before, so raise those RipSticks fam.
  • Chance the Rapper 
    • Chance has been blowing up since “Acid Rap” debuted in 2013. In his song “Cocoa Butter Kisses,” he complains about how cigarettes make him stink…too baaaaad.  Chance’s new album “The Big Day” came out in July which is different from his usual direction but still very good. Check it out!
  • Zedd 
    • One of the EDM world’s most popular DJs, Zedd puts on a MINDBLOWING show. He’s got hits like “The Middle” and “Clarity.” he really speaks to the vape lifestyle. RipTide fans know that this concert is a must-see.
  • Lil Wayne 
    • Oh, wait… He didn’t show up…
  • Polo y pan
    • These guys are so unique and vibey.  Their music enchants you while making you NEED to move.  French DJs that came together in 2012, highly recommended to check out live or in your car while hitting your RipStick.

Vaping at Music Festivals

Life Is Beautiful Festival Vape RipTide

Luckily, e-cigs and vapes are allowed at Life Is Beautiful—just make sure the e-juices and liquids are sealed. RipTide is the perfect vape for festivals like these with restrictions because of its convenient pod system. The last thing you want to do is worry about leaks or getting thrown out…  Security at LIB is notoriously chill, though.

We can’t wait to see you in Vegas next year!

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