If you’re in the LA area, then you know that The HARD Summer Music Festival is one of the most exciting summer events you can attend! We hope you were able to snag tickets before they sold out and came to see us repping RipTide Nation! We were ready for two days of incredible music, dancing and vaping; and bet you were too. With this year’s incredible lineup, we’re highlighting some of our favorite acts, and have tips on how to make the most of your HARD Summer. 

The Top Acts of HARD Summer 2019

This year’s festival had a lot to offer with their combo of well-known and emerging artists. Check out our video above to get a glimpse of some of the action. Of course, we were pumped for festival veterans like Major Lazer, DJ Snake, and Dillon Francis. But we also loved a lot of fresh faces like DJ Cam Girl, Robotaki, and Young Franco. Here’s a look at some of the sets we loved the most:

  • DJ Snake & Malaa
    • When HARD Summer announced their surprise set, we almost lost our minds. No one was expecting to see two legendary DJs performing back-to-back but we’re here for it. We heard some sick beats from both of them and hoped to catch a glimpse of Malaa’s real identity.
  • Alison Wonderland
    • We were excited to see the uber-talented Alison Wonderland perform since she is the highest billed female DJ after all. Mad props to her and we loved to hear her latest tracks. She’s been super innovative throughout her career, mixing her beautiful voice with incredible synths. 
  • Robotaki
    • Robotaki is definitely moving up in the ranks of DJs with his fresh remixes. While known for his remixes of famous songs like “Closer”, we’ve been really digging his original singles as well. 

Vaping at Music Festivals

While we were excited to rave, we also couldn’t wait to meet and grow RipTide Nation! We were at the festival with RipTide, the new and innovative e-cig that utilizes Nictech. While vaping is allowed, there are some rules to keep in mind. According to HARD Summer’s official site, e-cigs and vapes are totally cool. However, vapes with refillable tanks must be empty upon entry. All e-liquids and e-juice bottles must also be sealed upon entry. That means that it’s time to stock up on your favorite e-liquids so you have fresh ones ready for the next festival! But with RipTide, you can just exchange pods if one runs out, like our friend below hitting his RipStick.

What to Vape at Music Festivals

At Riptide, we have plenty of e-liquid flavors for you to enjoy while jamming to HARD Summer and other music festivals. Enjoy our favorite summer flavors, Mango and Tropical, for the perfect pairing for this music festival. Better yet, invest in our ultra-portable RipStick so you don’t have to bother with refilling your vape. Festivals are hectic and sometimes you don’t want to be bothered with refilling your vape between sets. Our RipStick Pods come in delicious flavors like Blue Raspberry and Berry Crunch! Pods are totally allowed at the festivals- just make sure they’re sealed upon entry.

We hope we’ll catch you at HARD Summer next year and many other music festivals to come! Enjoy the sounds, sights, and be sure to stay safe!

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