You can’t deny that music and vaping go hand-in-hand… on these long summer days, the best way to unwind is with a few refreshing puffs of your Ripstick and a chill soundtrack playing in the background. Our Riptide team curated a playlist of the ultimate summer tracks to vape to. Scroll down for your music fix, and hear from our team member Gavin why these songs embody the unique, laid back vibe of Riptide.

You Were Right – RUFUS DU SOL

“This is a classic.  In many ways I think this song captures a big part of the feeling of RipTide.  It’s uplifting, positive, tropical…great poolside summer song.”

Good Vibe – BRKLYN

“I was editing a video for one of our events and was looking for a song that captured the energy & stumbled onto this song.  I sent the video to a buddy of mine and he said, ‘I know those guys!’ Now we are working with BRKLYN on a RipTide inspired track 🙂 “

Heavy, California – JUNGLE

“Jungle is one of my favorite bands.  This song has a modern, chill vibe with an old school twist.  I saw them live at Life is Beautiful festival and was BLOWN AWAY.  Highly recommend seeing them if you can.”

Cooler than Me – MIKE POSNER

“I just like this song.  Haven’t gotten into Posner too much but this song has always gotten me into a good mood. “

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Porcelain – MOBY

“Another major RipTide vibe song.  Great driving song, great Vegas song…classic.”

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Get Lucky – DAFT PUNK

“I heard this jam at Coachella the first time it was ever played in public…to be honest, at the time, I didn’t understand it…slowly it grew on me and I understood what they were doing with this song.  Shortly after I went to Catalina Island off the coast of Cali and this was the anthem…ever since then, I go back to this song.”

Jump in the Line – HARRY BELOFANTE

“Beetlejuice!  What a movie, what a jam.  Always puts me in a good mood. “

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I just want to celebrate – RARE EARTH

“Life is a beautiful ride!  Every day is a reason to celebrate.  Also, one of my mom’s favorite songs…shout out to Madre!”

Book of the Month – LOVAGE

“Incredible, sexy tune from a classic album that is super underrated in my opinion.  Highly recommend checking out the whole album…”


“I go to Beat Lab Academy…highly recommended for anyone interested in producing or becoming a DJ.  One of the teachers is 9 Theory, who is also working on a RipTide inspired track. This is a super chillax song that compliments a summer Sunday.” 

All the Time – BAHAMAS

“A Lyft driver had this song on when I was getting a ride in San Diego…instantly fell in love with this chill, moody artist.”

Funky Sensation – DISCLOSURE

“Disclosure is another favorite of mine.  This is breaks away from their normal vibe, fits for a little boombox in a shady spot on the grass with some drinks and friends.”

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“Anderson Paak is a beast!  Let’s get glowed uppppp!”

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Bird Machine – DJ SNAKE

“Bizarre, high energy, makes you not just want to move, but NEED to move…”


“I love Boys Noize.  Most of his stuff is really dark and hard, which I like, but this remix has a very light vibe.  The original is great too, but I prefer this remix. “


“This is a great after hours tune when you want to turn up after turning up.  PARTYWITHRAY is not a very well known producer, but since he’s finishing up an album with ZHU, he definitely will be.  We are lucky enough to be working with him on a track for RipTide as well!”

Let us know your favorite songs to vape to! In the meantime, enjoy these addictive summer anthems.

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