We love beer…and we love RipTide, so naturally we have combined the two by chance in the past and found that not only do they go well together, but there are some pretty amazing combinations.  This is what we have found to pair just right…

Blue Raspberry and IPA

This may seem like an unlikely pairing, but as they say, opposites attract. The fruity, sweet flavor of Riptides Blue Raspberry e-liquid is like the grown-up blue slushy you never knew you needed. Once combined with the bitter earthy flavor of an IPA, Riptides Blue Raspberry e-liquid transforms into something special. When these opposing flavors are combined, it causes them to separate in your mouth, allowing you to enjoy the distinct brightness of the Blue Raspberry and the piney sharpness of the IPA.

Tobacco and Stout

If you want an experience that will transport you to the 50’s, try pairing Riptides Bright Leaf Tobacco with a Stout beer. Stouts are some of the richest darkest beers, so combined with the authentic tobacco taste will give you some of that classic grit and richness from back in the day.

Berry Crunch and Weiss

One pairing that really surprised us in how well they work together, is Riptides Berry Crunch with a Weiss beer. This light-colored cloudy wheat beer gives an almost banana flavor, helping to enhance some of the fruit, grain and cream notes in the Berry Crunch.  The combination of these two flavors creates a malty vanilla effect for a well-rounded experience that’s only possible together. Also, for those that don’t like IPAs, Weiss beers don’t have the same bitterness.  

Mint and Dry Stout

Sound weird?  Sure does. But, trust us…it’s worth a try.  Take a nice dry stout and pair it with Riptides Mint Pod. The rich dark chocolate taste of the dry stout helps elevate Riptide’s crisp mint cooling effect, bringing a unique sensation to your mouth that tastes similar to chocolate mint ice-cream.  So yummy.

Pair away fam!

Let us know what pairings resonate with you.  Or, if you’ve got some ideas for other pairings.  We’re all ears. Have fun and always drink and vape responsibly!

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