I LOVE music festivals; the lights, the libations, the tunes, the people from all walks of life, the different vibes.  Festivals are a place to be with friends, make new ones, connect with like minded people, and of course, listen to the music the way it was truly intended.  For vape users, this usually means packing several days of vape supplies, navigating through each festivals’ vaping rules, and following some basic etiquette to make sure we’re not vaping on anyone else’s parade 🙂  

Are you allowed to vape at a music festival?

First step; check out your festival’s vaping policy. With the rise of vape users, most music festivals allow you to take vapes inside and smoke them, no problem.  But, some festivals don’t allow vaping in tents and other indoor areas, which makes sense to be kind to those who are not on the same page, so it’s best to double check.

What is vaping etiquette?

Music festivals range from huge all the way to MASSIVE.  Some major festivals host over 150,000 people—and trying to vape in shoulder-to-shoulder crowds can be a challenge.

Great rule of thumb: exhale your vape clouds anywhere…except other peoples’ faces.  This is one of the main complaints about vapers at music festivals and it makes sense. No, you don’t have to go hide in the corner to do your thing, you should be allowed to do what you want, just like they should be allowed to not inadvertently do what you’re doing 🙂

A technique that prevents large vape clouds is called stealth vaping. Stealth vaping is vaping in a discreet way which can result in nobody even realizing you’re vaping at all.  In order to achieve this make sure to get an ultraportable vape kit, a device small enough to fit in the smallest pocket, cover the LED lights, and take quick short puffs which lessens the vapor released.

What vape supplies will I need?

Bring the right vape for the right occasion. Music festivals are usually three things: amazing, warm and crowded. The last thing someone wants is to carry a massive vaporizer, but you still want the maximum amount of juice possible. RipTide’s RipStick is in our humble opinion, the perfect festival vape. The RipStick has a slim and sleek design and can fit into the tightest of jeans or daisy dukes, and its disposable pods contain 1.4mL of e-liquid—much more than some other vape pod devices (including JUUL) — allowing users to get the most out of their ultra-portable vapes.

Be sure to bring a portable charger compatible with your vape since outlets are few and far between at these festivals. If your vape does not have a charger, be sure to bring extra batteries.

If you are an avid vape user, bring extra juice or pods even if you don’t think you’ll need it. Sometimes you end up catching a secret show or enjoying the night afterwards, so it’s best to be over prepared.

What e-liquid flavors should I bring?

Festivals are all about enjoying different experiences, so why not apply that to your flavor experience?  RipTide has a ton of exciting e-liquid and pod flavors like Berry Crunch, Mango and Tropical (my go-to by the way).

You will most likely be at the music festival for several days and a time will come where you want to mix up the flavor vibe, so make sure you bring a nice variety of e-juice or pods to fit your mood and the music.

Why RipTide?

RipTide’s RipStick can be your best bud at a music festival.  It’s ultraportable, has a massive 380 mAh battery, it is sleek, small, leak resistant, and holds more juice than most vape pod devices. RipTide has a wide variety of NicTech powered e-liquid that range from the classic Bright Leaf Tobacco to the sweet and soothing Blue Raspberry. The innovation of RipTide’s nicotine technology provides a cleaner, crisper flavor, and a smoother, more satisfying draw. So good! With NicTech, this is achieved all without the need for benzoic acid like traditional nicotine salt e-liquids.

In my opinion, there are few things that recharge the soul like music festivals.  Some of my personal favorites are Coachella (https://www.coachella.com), Life is Beautiful (https://lifeisbeautiful.com), 70,000 Tons of Metal (https://70000tons.com) and CRSSD Fest (https://www.crssdfest.com).  

What are your favorite festivals? Let’s do this!