RipTide Mango flavor

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be launching a new e-liquid and pod flavor…*cue the drum roll* – MANGO!

And not just any old mango…we believe this is the best available for ANY pod system, period.  Over the last nine months of us working on the mango, we’ve fallen in love. All of our flavors our close to our heart but this one has risen to the top two.  

Mango will be available in both 2.4% and 5.0% NicTech strengths for our disposable vape pods.  

riptide mango vape pod

This mouthwatering mango e-liquid goodness comes in 10ml bottles as well.  We’ve got 4 NicTech strengths – 1.2%, 2.4%, 3.6%, and 5.0%.

riptide mango e-liquid

If this sounds tempting, why not stock up on the RipStick and mango vape pods with our limited-edition Mango Pack? This exclusive bundle comes with two RipStick devices and five delicious pods to get you going.

Riptide mango pack

Summer isn’t over yet, and this flavor pairs perfectly with a summer day enjoying your life the way you want to enjoy it.  Tropical, tangy fruits pair best with rich flavor profiles, and having a little sweet after a heavy meal is a great way to end a busy day.

Our Mango vape juice is made with our proprietary nicotine technology; NicTech.  Based on a third-party scientific study, NicTech provided double the nicotine satisfaction as the leading competitor.  

After tasting our new Mango e-juice, go ahead and try to go back to any other…it won’t be easy.

Why not swap out your usual and try something new?